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About the BSLC

Bury Secondary Learning Collaborative is a non-profit making organisation designed to provide high quality training and, where appropriate, National Qualifications for staff who are part of its membership and for staff from schools beyond the membership. 

At the present time its membership is restricted to Bury Schools as it is hoped that this will form together with the Bury Primary Collaborative "the spine" of the proposed Teaching School in Bury. 

Once it is more established and established hopefully within the context of a Teaching School it is envisaged it will be open to widening its membership provided that those wishing to join enter into the spirit and letter of our purposes. 

These purposes, essentially are that Teachers learn from Teachers and that the element that the term "give and take" becomes a reality in professional development terms.  That is to say that schools give willingly of their expertise and on occasions their facilities in order to develop others, whilst at the same time developing themselves through people giving equally generously.  This is the essence of the collaborative concept.

The organisation is a Limited Company, this is purely for a pragmatic reason; namely that there was a necessity to establish a formal legal entity for organisations such as National College equally giving an official body to work with. 

Further details of our Guiding Principles can be found and the company is currently registered at Philips High School.